We are the New Zealand Distributor for the Sibelmed Audiometric Test Booth, which is designed and manufactured in Europe and is in compliance with the background noise requirements of ISO8253-1:2010.

If you are an Audiologist, Audiometrist or Health & Safety specialist and are looking to establish a new practice or to improve your current one, an audiometric test booth is an absolute necessity for conducting accurate hearing tests for your clients or staff. This capability is particularly important when providing audiology services where evidence of a suitable test environment is required. You will be able to provide your clients with an optimal outcome for their hearing test results every time.

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We are the New Zealand distributor for Studiobricks Acoustic Booth, which are sound controlled spaces for Music, Sound Recording and Office Solutions. Studiobricks Acoustic Booth offer incredible acoustics and have been solving noise and privacy issues for many companies, public spaces and individuals all over the world.

Studiobricks Acoustic Booths are a better, more cost-effective solution and an alternative to fixed studio installations, which are generally expensive and complex to relocate. Available in different wall thickness and sizes, they are easy to install, dismantle and transport to a different location. Your investment goes into the equipment - where it belongs - not into a property!