The purity of UE audio is not reserved for professional sound aficionados exclusively.

Now you can enjoy the UE sound at home or even when you are out and about. UE Custom-fitted In-Ear-Monitors can be calibrated for your personal hearing enjoyment and can connect to most mobile devices. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange a personal fitting.

Standard In-Ear-Monitors Acoustix offers universal fit In-Ear-Monitors for audiophiles and musicians. They are the perfect choice if you want UE custom sound in a universal fit package.
Custom In-Ear-Monitors Custom-fitted UE In-ear monitors are the ultimate way to control the levels of sound you need. We 3D scan or take physical impressions of your ears and discuss your hearing needs for your optimal performance monitoring. Thomas is the NZ expert for custom-fitting UE In-Ear-Monitors, so when you talk with him, you know you are talking with the best.