Live performance requires a special mix of sound production and protection, set to your own personal threshold. Thomas will show you how to get the best for your performance with the best technology available. Don’t lose the music.

Universal In-Ear-Monitors Acoustix offers a range of universal In-Ear-Monitors for audiophiles and musicians. They are the perfect choice if you want Ultimate Ears Pro' custom sound in a universal fit package.
Custom In-Ear-Monitors Custom-fitted Ultimate Ears In-ear monitors are the ultimate way to control the levels of sound you need on stage. We either 3-D-scan or take physical impressions of your ears and discuss the sound signature you need for your optimal  live stage performance monitoring. Thomas is the NZ expert for custom-fitting Ultimate Ears custom In-Ear Monitors, so when you talk with him, you know you are talking with the best.
On Stage Monitoring Equipment To further enhance the sound you experience on stage, Thomas provides exclusive Ultimate Ears products such as Fischer Amps IN-EAR STICK, UE SOUND TAP, UE SOUND GUARD, UE LINE DRIVE and UE IN-EAR MONITORS CABLES and ACCESSORIES and complete solutions for monitoring and delivering the ultimate sound to your ears.
Accessories Discover the range of UE In-Ear-Monitor accessories, hearing protection and earphone accessories in our online store. Customised products will need to be fitted onsite and calibrated to your unique hearing state.