Custom ER Musician Hearing Protection

Custom ER Musician Hearing Protection

Superior to the ER-20, the custom moulded ER-Musician hearing protector has a revolutionary attenuator button which provides flat reduction of sound, or attenuation, over a frequency range of 125 – 8000Hz. As a result of the flat attenuation, the sound keeps its natural wave without any distortion, which is similar to turning down the volume of a stereo or radio.

Custom-moulded ER-Musician Hearing Protectors:

  • are the acknowledged gold standard for the music industry
  • use a genuine ER- broadband filter to attenuate the music without distortion so you can still enjoy it while protecting your hearing from excessive decibel levels without missing a beat
  • provide a 15dB flat attenuation as a standard
  • offer interchangable attenuation, 9dB or 25dB, which can be supplied as agreed or can be purchased in addition to the ER-15dB 

They are highly recommended to:

  • all musicians whether playing in a band or in an orchestra
  • all DJ’s, who regularly play in clubs
  • sound and audio engineers
  • people working in the music industry, including lighting technicians and road crew
  • all rock concert fans who regularly attend live performances

Custom-moulded ER-Musician Hearing Protectors are made from a medical grade silicone for comfort and come with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty against fit and sound seal and workmanship.

Please note: These are custom ear plugs and will require a set of ear impressions from you which are done at the initial consultation. Once this is done, we will fit you with your very own set in about 6-7 working days.



NZD $397.50 inc.
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