Complyfoam Soft Wraps

Complyfoam Soft Wraps

Super-soft memory foam strips for custom moulded In-ear Monitors made from hard acrylic.

These foam strips create a stronger seal for when the custom hard acrylic shell no longer provides optimal noise isolation, typically because of physiologically changes to the ear canal and outer ear over a period of several years.

Clean the custom shell with rubbing alcohol, then simply peel, wrap the strip around sound port/nozzle, squeeze down memory foam and insert into ear canal as you normally would for an enhanced listening experience.

The foam strip is a temporary measure and not a long-term substitute for an inferior fitting custom shell.

Do not use with soft silicone custom moulded In-ear Monitors.


NZD $40.00 inc.
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How to use Complyfoam Soft Wraps:

Preparation & Installation:

  • Clean custom shell with rubbing alcohol
  • Clean and dry hands
  • Remove the Comply Wrap using its tab. Do not touch adhesive.
  • Avoid proximity to the end of your custom In-ear Monitor shell where sound exits, stick one end of the wrap firmly on the custom shell.
  • Wrap with edges touching. Do not stretch. For a tighter fit, overlap if needed. Trim any excess if needed.


  • Compress foam all around.
  • Insert custom In-ear Monitor in the ear.
  • Hold in place with gentle pressure. Foam should expand within 30 seconds.

Monitor and removal:

  • Check strip daily. Change strip every 2 weeks of if edges lift or shift, or at the first sign of loosening.
  • Loosen one end and peel off.
  • Clean surface with rubbing alcohol prior to applying a new Comply Wrap.