Phonak D-Dry+ Hearing Aid Drying Box

Phonak D-Dry+ Hearing Aid Drying Box

The Phonak D-Dry+  is a 3-in-1 hearing aid drying box and conditioner that functions as a drying, germ reducing and storage device unit for your hearing aids and earmoulds.  The container itself is an excellent way to store them when not in use.

This Drying and Cleaning UV-C light kit can be used with all types of hearing systems and earmolds.

The D-Dry+ kit protects your hearing aids against moisture. 

The UV-C light has a 8 minute run that initiates the cleaning process which reduces the accumulation of germs and therefore the risk of skin infections in and around the ear.  There are 2 UV-C light bulbs for even more effective germ reduction.

The Phonak D-Dry+ has an improved gentle process with reduced drying time from 3 or 6 hours to 142 minutes. When in use it uses air circulation and a new drying temperature of 40°C +/- 3°C.


  • New intuitive operation using a single button with touch sensor, acoustical signal and vibration to confirm operation.
  • Inbuilt UV-C light safety shutdown when opening the cover.
  • Improved (higher) drying chamber
  • Indication of remaining operation by 5 light emitting LED lights (30 min per light).

Power Supply:

Mains operation and operation via the USB interface of your computer or via plugging into power adapter with USB interface (cable is included with the supply of product).



NZD $163.00 inc.
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