Siemens Signia Inductive Charger I

Siemens Signia Inductive Charger I

The Siemens Inductive Charger is a sleek and elegant recharger with Lithium-Ion technology for Signia Charge & Go hearing aids. After a full charge, the hearing aids deliver a full day of continuous hearing with Bluetooth streaming.

Physical features of the Siemens Inductive Charger include:

  1. Micro USB inlet.
  2. LED Indicators - three LEDs show charging progress.
  3. Auto on/off - hearing aids automatically turns off when charging begins and is reactivated when removed from the charger.
  4. Inductive charging - your hearing aids simply lay in the cradle and automatically start charging, without the need to align charging contacts.
  5. Light & compact - smaller than a business card with lightweight constructions make the charger ultra-portable.
  6. Fast charging - 3 to 4 hours for a full charge; a 30-minute top-up provides 6 hours of use.



NZD $430.00 inc.
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