Siemens Signia Smart Dryer Li-Ion

Siemens Signia Smart Dryer Li-Ion

The Siemens Smart Dryer Li-ion is an electronical device designed to accommodate the Inductive Charger I. During the charging cycle, the Smart Dryer Li-ion combines UV-C and dehumidification of hearing aids for a 3-in-1 action packed delivery of dehumidifying, charging and storage,  all in one!

Easy Start: The dehumidification process begins as soon as you place at least one hearing aid and the lid is closed.  Opening the lid automatically turns off the UV-C dehumidifying process.

Smart Dryer Li-ion has a microprocessor for optimal temperature (temperature controlled 30°C positive influence on charging capacity) and airflow control.

Please note: The Siemens Inductive Charger I is not included with this product. For the assembly of a fully functioning Smart Dryer Li-ion, an existing Inductive Charger is placed inside the Smart Dryer Li-ion case to complete the assembly. You can purchase the Siemens Inductive Charger I separately if you do not have an existing one. 



NZD $180.00 inc.
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