Widex Moment Charge n Clean Charger

Widex Moment Charge n Clean Charger

The Widex MOMENT™ Charge n Clean charger is compact and lightweight, and is intended to detect, charge and maintain the Widex MOMENT™ mRIC R D hearing aids.
Powered by a micro USB connection, the charger consists of a charging compartment for each hearing aid and a maintenance compartment for the receivers. Three indicator lights show the charging status of the hearing aids and the status of the maintenance cycle.
Gently place the Widex MOMENT™ mRIC R D hearing aids in their respective charging compartments and the receivers in the maintenance compartment, then close the lid. If the lid is opened during the maintenance cycle, the cycle is paused but the charging continues. The maintenance cycle will restart again when the lid is closed.

A full charge cycle takes 4hrs, and the maintenance cycle is approximately 30mins. 

The Widex MOMENT CHARGE n CLEAN charger is portable for taking anywhere. It is a simple charger and does not contain a built-in power-bank storing multiple charges for recharging the hearing aids.


NZD $475.00 inc.
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