Widex Moment Charger

Widex Moment Charger

The Widex MOMENT™ mRIC Charger is compact and has a sleek design with a lightweight brushed anodized aluminum casing. Powered by a micro USB connection, it uses inductive charging via wireless power transfer to charge and power Widex MOMENT™ rechargeable hearing aids, which means no contacts to keep clean and no misalignment problems when recharging the hearing aids.

The Widex MOMENT charger is compatible only with rechargeable Widex MOMENT mRIC RD hearing aids.  A full charge cycle takes 4 hours. 

The Widex Moment mRIC charger is a small, portable and discreet enough to take anywhere and simple enough to fit seamlessly into any user’s life. To use, flip open the cover and drop the hearing aids into the charging wells to start charging.




NZD $336.00 inc.
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