Ultimate Ears custom fitted In-ear Monitors are the ultimate way to control the levels of sound and mix you need to hear on stage. We discuss with you the sound signature that works best for your optimal performance monitoring. Then take physical ear impressions or a 3D scan of your ears for the purpose of manufacturing.
Thomas is the NZ expert for custom-fitting Ultimate Ears In-ear Monitors, so when you talk with him, you know you are talking with the best. 

What are custom In-ear Monitors

Finding the best audio monitoring solution has never been easy, and there are now a wide selection of In-ear monitors providing a generic fit and sound experience. In order to accurately portray frequencies on stage or in the studio, generic In-ear monitors can only do so much. The generic fit may cause discomfort after wearing them for a while or they simply don’t fit well and fall out from your ears, which makes them a distraction, especially in live performing situations. For the sake of consistency, a perfect fit is crucial when performing live.
Custom In-Ear-Monitors are personalised earphones utilizing miniature balanced armature transducer technology to deliver the ultimate in detailed sound quality. Their tiny magnetic transducers, also called drivers, offer high resistance to mechanical shock and deliver smooth responses with very low distortion levels.
Custom In-ear-monitors are primarily used by performing musicians for live stage use and by their sound engineers for noise reduction as well as for mixing. Individually handcrafted to the shape of your ears, tuned and calibrated to provide perfect sound isolation as well as an unmatched sound quality and detailed reproduction of music.
Available in clear or with a range of different coloured faceplates, there is the option to add artwork, jewelry or your name laser engraved to further personalise them.
When connecting to In-Ear Monitoring equipment, MP3, HiFi and most other communication systems, these monitors reduce the ambient sound environment by approximately 26dB. This reduction of ambient sound allows for a much lower and safer listening volume from the audio source, whilst at the same time delivering a superbly detailed sound reproduction.

Why do bands need In-ear Monitors at all

Until the advent of stadium rock, a live performance in any venue that required amplification used a public address system (or PA) that consisted of a series of microphones and loudspeakers, and a mixing board.The first stadium performance of note occurred in August 1965 when, at the height of Beatlemania, the Beatles played Shea Stadium. The performance was notable for being the first concert at a major sports stadium, for drawing the largest attendance (55,600) to ever see a live concert, and by the fact that the noise from the crowd was so loud that no one in the band could hear the music they were playing.As a result of the Beatles experience, bands began placing speakers (or wedge monitors) around the stage. For band members to hear what they and their band members were playing during loud performances, wedge monitors were a big improvement.But wedge monitors present certain problems such as that they do not move with band members who often want to move around on stage, and they are not acoustically optimised, they just add to the total volume of sound from the crowd, the other musicians and the PA system.

Some key points on custom In-ear Monitors

In-Ear-Monitors are custom moulded and personalised earphones utilizing miniature balanced armature transducer technology to deliver the ultimate in sound quality to your ears.Superb sound quality with low distortion and smooth responses.Reduction of ambient sound by approximately 26dB resulting in a much lower and safer listening volume from the audio source.Unlike wedge monitors, they go wherever you want to go on stage.Hearing yourself on stage is not a luxury, it is a necessity - Don't lose the Music!Perhaps the most significant benefit from custom moulded In-ear-monitors is the help they provide by protecting the hearing of the musicians. The use of monitor speakers which have to compete with drums and assorted amplified instruments can lead to ear-splitting volume levels on stage, so the use of custom In-Ear-Monitors allows for monitoring at a much lower volume level which can help lowering the risk of sustaining irreversible hearing damage.From a performance standpoint, singers often find that they have fewer pitch problems and have to strain less to hear their own voice when using custom In-ear-monitors. This reduces vocal fatigue. With the help of a wireless In-ear-monitor set, custom In-ear-monitors provide musicians the freedom to roam the stage while still hearing their own custom-designed mix.

On Ultimate Ears Pro

In 1995, Jerry Harvey, a touring sound engineer, created a custom moulded In-ear Monitor for Van Halen’s drummer, who was frustrated with the quality of his earpieces.As the demand for custom moulded In-ear Monitors rapidly grew amongst musicians, Jerry Harvey launched the company called Ultimate Ears.Ultimate Ears Pro today remains the leading provider of custom monitor earphones. They are ” The No1 choice of the world’s top touring musicians and sound engineers” for live stage and studio performances.Amongst professional musicians and audiophiles, Ultimate Ears has established a solid reputation for superior craftsmanship, unmatched sound quality and comfortable fit.Acoustix® Hearing Technologies is the exclusive authorised dealer for New Zealand for Ultimate Ears Pro custom In-ear Monitors. We will help you with all your needs, including accessories, replacement cables and repairs.

All Ultimate Ears Pro custom In-ear Monitors are supplied with a gold plated 3.5mm right angle stereo connector, a personalised crush-proof carry case, a cleaning tool and user instructions. They come with a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.
If you happen to be in Auckland, come and see us. We are the only supplier who have demo models of Ultimate Ears Pro custom In-ear Monitors available for you to listen to, so that you can hear for yourself what to expect, and what they are all about!