ACS PRO17 Custom Hearing Protection

ACS PRO17 Custom Hearing Protection

 The ACS PRO17 is the flattest response filter in the PRO range. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the ACS PRO17 gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector with flat 17dB protection across the board. 

Not only does the ACS PRO17 provide a balanced reproduction of the environment around you, its vented design reduces occlusion, giving your voice a more natural sound and making the hearing protector more transparent so you can concentrate on what you need to do in the cockpit of your aircraft or airplane.

Please note: These are custom ear plugs and will require physical ear impressions of your ears; this is carried out during the initial consultation. Once done, we can then fit you with your own set ACS PRO17 in about 6-7 working days.



NZD $412.00 inc.
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