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Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

As we have seen many times over and over again, ear wax tends to build up in peoples' ears for lots of reasons. This means that over time it can gradually reduce one's hearing or impact on the proper functioning of one's hearing aids or in-ear monitors, gradually blocking the sound outlet and reducing their performance and sound quality. 

We are able to remove ear wax with micro-suction. This is relatively quick, easy, comfortable, safe and the most preferred method. The micro-suction itself may be noisy as it removes the ear wax.

In cases where we find that ear wax has impacted or has adhered to the walls of the ear canal, olive oil ear drops will be applied for softening the hardened ear wax for easier removal. In some cases, where the ear wax is too impacted, a second follow-up appointment may be necessary for completing the task.

What if I do not have any ear wax?

If you book an appointment with us and you have no ear wax that needs to be removed, a $45.00 consultation fee will apply. 

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