Ultimate Ears Sound Guard

Ultimate Ears Sound Guard

With the UE Pro Sound Guard, live performing artists receive protection from unexpected sound spikes through their In-ear Monitors that occur from microphone drops, audio feedback, incorrect volume settings and other sound hazards that may occur while performing or recording.

In the Box:

UE Sound Guard
2 x set of CR2450 batteries
1 x 3.5mm audio cable
1 x belt clip
User Manual

What are the benefits of using Sound Guard?

The exact same benefits as with Line Drive PLUS, with the fully independent limiters, the ability to reduce loud unwanted sounds such as microphone drops, feedback, by limiting their SPL level.

What is the difference between Line Drive and Sound Guard?

Line Drive is a "buffer' that presents a very easy to drive load to an audio source device and has a very low output impedance which makes it suitable to drive low impedance In-ear Monitors. Sound Guard actually contains Line Drive inside of it, but adds fully independent audio limiters on each of the left and right audio channels. 


NZD $245.00 inc.
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