Sibelsound DUO AOM Basic Diagnostic Audiometer

Sibelsound DUO AOM Basic Diagnostic Audiometer

The Sibelsound DUO AOM is a 2 Channel portable and lightweight basic diagnostic audiometer. It is manufactured to a high quality standard, and it is compliant with the European Directive on Medical Devices.  The Sibelsound DUO is a new audiometry concept for Occupational Medicine, Primary Health Care & Educational Centers. The portable and lightweight features of the Sibelsound DUO AOM makes the device ideal for performing audiometry tests in a variety of settings.

The Sibelsound DUO AOM is supplied standard with:

  • Set of DD45 supra-aural headphones
  • Bone Conductor B71W
  • Patient Response Switch
  • USB connection cable to PC
  • External power supply
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag
  • W50 demo mode software

Optional accessories available:

  • Set of TDH39 supra-aural headphones
  • Audiocups noise reducing headphone enclosures 
  • W50 software licence
  • Data export via Ethernet, includes cable
  • Hughson Westlake automatic pure tone test procedure

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Technical Specifications

Audiometer Type 3 (basic diagnostic), as specified in EN 60645-1
2 Channel Screening Audiometer
Measurements: 236 x 197 x 77mm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Colour Touchscreen: 95 x 54mm / 480 x 272 pixels

Air conduction pure tone threshold audiometry
Bone conduction pure tone threshold audiometry

Pure and Warble Tone (FM), continuous and pulsating
Masking - Narrow Band Noise
Inverted tone 
Tone intensity in 5dB steps
Air conduction frequencies: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz, 2000Hz, 3000Hz, 4000Hz, 6000Hz, 8000Hz
Bone conduction frequencies: 250Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz, 2000Hz, 3000Hz, 4000Hz, 6000Hz

Intermediate frequencies: 125Hz, 750Hz, 1500Hz
Air conduction output levels (dBHL): min -10 /max 100
Talk Forward: Yes
Calculation of hearing loss
Diagnoses: Council, IMSS Mexico, ELI, SAL, Klockhoff

Internal data base storage: > 1000 tests / unlimited patients
Connectivity: USB to PC connection for software / Ethernet for connecting data export
Power supply: external power supply (Input: 100 -240VAC / Output 12Vdc) or 4 x AA 1.5Volt batteries or 4 x Ni-MH rechargeable batteries