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Standard Range Earplugs - Personal, Industrial and Recreational

We carry a range of generic fit hearing protection earplugs for most personal needs. When using hearing protection, it is important that we help you select the right style for your needs. The right product will minimise discomfort without compromising safety or interfering with the task you need them for.

Custom Swim Earplugs

Whether you're a keen swimmer or an avid surfer, ear infections or 'surfer's ear' are no fun and it's a condition that often affects those who are into water sports.

  • Protect your ears when swimming
  • Protect your children’s ears in the pool
  • Combat Surfers ear


Custom Sleep Earplugs

A set of custom sleeping earplugs will help you regain that good night's sleep. Made from soft silicon and for your ears only, they will help you get a good night’s sleep, so you can wake up and feel refreshed the next day.
  • Get relief from a partner who snores
  • Light sleeping difficulties
  • Noisy neighbourhood

Custom-moulded Earplugs - Personal, Industrial and Recreational

Custom-moulded earplugs offer the ultimate protection in any environment. We start by listening to your personal needs and then take an impression of your ears to create the perfect fit. Custom-moulded ear plugs require a visit to make a set of ear impressions for manufacturing purposes.

We offer several types of custom-moulded earplugs with these benefits:

  • Custom-moulded to your own ears for your own requirements
  • Protect your hearing from excessive noise levels
  • No need to remove when communicating
  • Ideal for industrial use such as construction, sheet metal work, panel beating, boat building
  • Ideal for domestic activities such as house renovations, lawn mowing and other do-it-yourself activities
  • Ideal for recreational activities like rifle shooting, motor bike riding and other ‘excessive noise’ activities

Types of Earplugs

  • Sleep Custom Ear Plugs

    A set of sleep custom ear plugs will help you regain that good night's sleep. Made from a soft silicone they provide much better attenuation than cotton wool or other conventional ear plugs which often protrude and cause discomfort. The low-cut profile does not protrude from the ear, so that you can sleep on your side.  They are very easy to use and a convenient solution for individuals who value a good night's sleep. The alarm clock will remain audible.

  • Industrial Custom Ear plugs

    Industrial activities can involve exposure to excessive noise levels which, over time, are likely to adversely affect your hearing. This will lead to hearing damage and hearing loss. We want to ensure that you are protected at work, in your life and hobbies, without compromising your hearing.

  • Swim Custom Ear Plugs

    Acoustix Hearing provides swimming earplugs that are custom-moulded to your ears, so that they will stay in place and not fall out. An advantage over a generic "one size fits all" product, or other homemade solutions. Swim custom ear plugs offer the following benefits:
    * They keep water out of your ears and help prevent ear infections
    * They provide a perfect and comfortable fit specifically for your ears
    * Ideal for children with ruptured ear drums and grommets 
    * Ideal for all swimmers and surfers to prevent exostoses (bone growth in the ear canal)

  • Custom Earplugs for children

    When it comes to earplugs for children, they will need replacing from time to time due to growth related changes to their ear canals. We have found that a pair of earplugs for swimming fitted to children provides a tight seal from water for up to 18 months before they require replacing.

  • Shooting and Hunting Custom Ear Plugs

    Hunting and shooting activities can involve exposure to excessive noise levels, which over time, is likely to adversely affect your hearing. This will lead to hearing damage and hearing loss. You need hearing protection that will protect your ears without limiting your hearing.

  • Music Industry Custom Ear Plugs

    Acoustix is New Zealand's only authorised UE expert for custom In-Ear-Monitors (IEM) for stage, studio and personal hearing fidelity and protection. You should be aware of the potential dangers and we encourage you to take positive action to protect your hearing and prevent unnecessary hearing damage, whilst playing, engineering or simply enjoying your favourite bands and DJs.

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