ACS PRO26 Custom Hearing Protection

ACS PRO26 Custom Hearing Protection

Robust protection with a clear response for very high noise environment. The ACS PRO26 is one of the stronger level-attenuating earplugs available, offering hearing protection from the most challenging sound environments whilst ensuring that you can hear clearly and perform at your best at all times. The ACS PRO26 offers the same incredibly natural sound as the rest of the ACS PRO range while also offering a high-frequency peak which ensures that your hearing is protected from dangerous and intense sounds. Ideal for those working in the loudest of industrial environments, the ACS PRO26 offers clear communication, unparalleled comfort and tailor-made attenuation to ensure that you can stay in touch and in tune with your environment.

Highly recommended for a wide variety for industrial uses:

  • Sound engineers
  • Amplified musicians 
  • Venue Staff
  • Construction

Please note: These are custom ear plugs and will require physical ear impressions of your ears; this is carried out during the initial consultation. Once done, we can then fit you with your own set ACS PRO26 in about 6-7 working days.



NZD $412.00 inc.
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