Custom Sleep Plugs

Custom Sleep Plugs

Are you missing a good night's sleep? Does the partner snore too loudly? Noisy neighbours keeping you awake? Are you a light sleeper who wants to eliminate undesirable noise that keeps you awake at night?

In today's noise-polluted world, being able to fall asleep to the sound of total silence is often a luxury. A set of sleep custom ear plugs will help you regain that good night's sleep.

Made from a very soft yellow silicone they provide much better attenuation than cotton wool or other conventional and comparable earplugs, which often protrude and cause discomfort. The low cut profile does not protrude from the ear, so that you can sleep on your side. 

Very easy to use and a convenient solution for individuals who value a good night's sleep.  The alarm clock will remain audible.

Please note: These are custom ear plugs and will require physical ear impressions of your ears; this is carried out during the initial consultation. Once done, we can then fit you with your own set sleep custom ear plugs in about 6-7 working days.



NZD $334.00 inc.
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