Custom Swim Plugs

Custom Swim Plugs

Love the water but not keen on ear infections? 

Do you need custom swim plugs for yourself or your children who swim regularly and are prone to ear infections? Have your children recently had grommets inserted and are enrolled for swimming classes?

Whether you're a keen swimmer or an avid surfer, ear infections or 'surfer's ear' are no fun and it's a condition that affects those who are into water sports. Custom swim plugs can help you enjoy the water without having to pay the price.

Acoustix Hearing provides swim ear plugs that are custom-molded to your ears, so that they will stay in place and not fall out - an advantage over a generic "one size fits all" product, blue tack or silicone putty.

Custom swim plugs offer the following benefits:

  • They keep water out of your ears and help with preventing ear infections
  • They provide a perfect and comfortable fit for your ears only
  • Ideal for children with ruptured ear drums and grommets
  • Ideal for all swimmers and surfers to prevent exostosis (bone growth in ear canal)

To provide you with the best fitted swim plugs, we require a set of ear impressions of your ears, which only takes a few minutes and forms part of your first appointment with us. Custom swim plugs generally come in pairs, a carry pouch and instructions.

 A monaural custom swim plug, for one ear only, is also possible.

When it comes to custom swim plugs for children, they will need replacing from time to time due to growth related changes to their ear canals. We have found that a pair of custom swim plugs fitted to children provides a tight seal for up to 18 months before they require replacing.

Please note: These are custom swim plugs and will require physical ear impressions of your ears; this is carried out during the initial consultation. Once done, we can then fit you with your own set custom swim plugs in about 10 working days.



NZD $284.00 inc.
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