ACS Pro-15 replacement filter

ACS Pro-15 replacement filter

ACS Pro-15 replacement filter for your custom ACS Pro-15 earplugs. You can order additional or replacement filters for your custom ACS Pro series earplugs.

ACS Pro-15 filters provides more subtle attenuation as the vented design offers reduced occlusion, making communication and vocal performances sound more natural – resulting in hearing protection that is more transparent to the wearer. Popular with vocalists, orchestral and acoustic musicians. 

These filters are also user-swappable and easy to interchange to any other filter in the PRO range to accommodate for other attenuation levels for when a different sound reduction level is required based on what your environment demands, giving you complete control over your hearing protection.

ACS Pro-15 filters can be purchased individually or in pairs. Price listed is for a single replacement filter.




NZD $58.00 inc.
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