ACS PRO10 Custom Hearing Protection

ACS PRO10 Custom Hearing Protection

Strong enough to protect, subtle enough to engage. The ACS PRO10 offers delicate and level attenuation averaging 10dB, giving the most subtle protection in the whole of the ACS PRO range.

The ACS PRO10 is perfect for environments that are only just edging over safe levels. Offering a natural and transparent sound to the wearer, the ACS PRO10 allows musicians working with intricate acoustic performances to stay within the safe limits of exposure to loud music while keeping completely engaged with the performance filling the gap between no protection and over protection of their hearing.

Highly recommended for:

  • Vocalists
  • Acoustic performers

Please note: These are custom ear plugs and will require physical ear impressions of your ears; this is carried out during the initial consultation. Once done, we can then fit you with your own set ACS PRO10 in about 6-7 working days.



NZD $412.00 inc.
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