Phonak Charger Case Combi

Phonak Charger Case Combi

The Phonak Charger Case is a charging device for compatible rechargeable hearing aids from the Phonak Audéo Paradise, Audéo Marvel and Phonak Belong family of hearing aids.

The Phonak Charger case features a slot for Drying Capsules which help with absorbing perspiration or moisture accumulated on the surface of the hearing aids from daily wear. Best outcome is achieved is with the lid closed.

The clip locking system on the charger case makes the hearing aids very secure inside the case when charging, and protecting them against physical harm or damage, especially with lid closed.

Inside the charger are the two slots for each hearing aid, coloured blue for left and red for right. Once the charger is connected to the power source and the hearing aids are inserted they will flash a light indicating charging has began.

Charging time for a completely depleted hearing aid is 3 hours.

Once charging is complete the lights on the hearing aids will stay a solid light. You can either keep you case open, or close the case while your hearing aids are being charged.

An optional and removable Power Pack, which is a power bank, can be attached to the Charger Case for times when there isn’t an external power source available for charging.  The Power Pack can be locked to the bottom of the Charging Case.  if fully charged, this will provide 7 full charges for a pair of compatible Phonak rechargeable hearing aids.

Please note: The Power Pack and the Drying Capsules will need to be purchased separately.



NZD $129.00 inc.
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