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Phonak Charger Case Go™

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A charger for your Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids.

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The Phonak Charger Case Go™ is to be used only with Phonak Audéo Life Receiver-in-canal hearing aids.  It features a USB-C charging port which has a small green LED light beside it that illuminates when the charger is plugged into the power source.

This charger utilizes inductive charging technology. It contains a built-in and non-removable rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, also known as power-bank, for fully charging the hearing aids up to three times. This is advantageous for when there is no immediate power available for charging the hearing aids at the end of the day. 

The two charging slots for the Audéo Life hearing aids are marked blue for the left hearing aid and red for the right hearing aid. in between the charging slots is an indicator light showing the charging state of the charger's internal battery.

After placing the Audéo Life hearing aids in the charger, the indicator light on the hearing aids will show the charging state of the battery until it is fully charged. When fully charged the indicator light will be constantly on, i.e. a solid green light.

A full charge takes about 3 hours and will automatically stop when the Li-Ion batteries are fully charged. It is optional to keep the charger lid closed during charging. There is no risk of overcharging the hearing aids, so for when they are not in use, they can be safely left in the charger. 

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