Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Battery tester for testing zinc-air disposable hearing batteries.
When your hearing aid unexpectedly stops operating, use this battery tester with its LCD bar display to quickly assess the charge and status of the zinc-air hearing aid battery. The cause of your hearing aid stopping to operate may not be a flat battery. 
Instead of using a new hearing aid battery for trouble shooting your hearing aid, use this battery tester.
The battery tester comes complete with a sliding storage drawer for two spare batteries, batteries not included, and a key ring.
Dimensions: 3cm (W) x 7cm (L) x 1.5cm (H)

The battery tester can only confirm that the battery is good, not the length of service you can expect from the battery because of the flat discharge curve of a zinc-air battery.

NZD $10.00 inc.
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