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Studiobricks Acoustic Booth

A Studiobricks Acoustic Booth offers enviable noise and sound isolation, which is achieved by the high performance acoustic materials used in the manufacturing of their patented bricks, which simply slot together. The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of an acoustic and noise isolating room.

Studiobricks Acoustic Booths have been solving problems with noise, recordings and privacy issues for many businesses and companies, in public spaces and for many artists and individuals all over the world.

Studiobricks Acoustic Booths are acoustically a great alternative, and an affordable solution compared to a fixed studio installation, which is typically not inexpensive and often complex and challenging to move if one needs to or wants to relocate.

Available in different sizes and wall thickness, they are relatively easy to assemble.

Should the time come for relocation, Studiobricks Acoustic Booth are easy to dismantle and transport to a new location. Your investment goes into your equipment - where it should be - not into a property or premises that you don't own!

Acoustix is the authorised New Zealand distributor for Studiobricks Acoustic Booth, offering sound controlled spaces for playing music, recording sound and music, and for office solutions.

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