Ad hoc labeling will help our elderly client use their rechargeable hearing aids

Elderly people have so many challenges to deal with. Not only are they challenged by their hearing; their vision, or lack of, which often deteriorates with progressive age as well, adds another layer to these challenges.

We are seeing a rising trend in the use of rechargeable hearing aids for convenience. While the ZPower charger looks sleek and stylish, it becomes evident that it is not always obvious to the user how to place the rechargeable hearing aids correct on to the charger for recharging the hearing aid batteries, despite our hands-on instructions during the fitting of the hearing aids.

In this instance, where vision impairment is a hurdle to the client, we had to become resourceful and add labels to the Z-Power charger, helping the client to identify easier left from right and to assist with the correct placement of the hearing aids on to the charger for successfully charging the hearing aid batteries.

We are confident that our ad-hoc labeling will help our elderly client having consistent and successful use of their rechargeable hearing aids, and making life a little bit easier.