An interview with Thomas, the driver behind Acoustix Hearing Technologies

 As published in the East & Bays Courier 01 May 2019

Thomas, what is an Audiometrist?
" An Audiometrist is a qualified professional who specialises in the non-medical assessment and management of communication difficulties caused by hearing loss. Typically, an Audiometrist holds one or more qualifications from a Registered Training Organisation, which involves two years of formal study followed by a further two years practical training. "

As an Audiometrist, how do you help people?
" By conducting a clinical hearing assessment, I help determining if hearing loss is present, nature and the degree of it, and how this may be impacting on the client’s hearing and communication ability with other people, as well as affecting their own quality of life. By closely working together with the client and in some instances the client’s family and friends, we can bring a renewed sense of well-being, being able to re-join the conversation, and boost confidence in the hearing impaired. "

How did you get into Audiometry?
" I am a qualified Swiss Precision Engineer, with qualifications in electronics and micro-electronics. After serving my military training in the Swiss Army, I became very attracted to the complex miniaturisation of micro-electronics in hearing aids. I started with a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer servicing and repairing hearing aids. "

What brought you to New Zealand?
" I met an Audiologist by chance at the Frankfurt International Airport while waiting for my plane to Singapore. He had his own practice in Auckland’s Remuera and imported and fitted hearing aids. Getting the hearing aids serviced in New Zealand by knowledgeable and skilled personnel was very difficult in those days, meaning they had to be returned to the country of origin at considerable cost. "

Talk about ‘‘destiny calling"!
" I spent four years working with the audiologist and then moved on to a Danish hearing aid manufacturer for 10 years whose distribution rights were owned by a local family. This offered greater opportunities in furthering my knowledge and career in the field; which included local manufacturing and helping local Audiologists and their clients solving problems with complex hearing aid fittings. "

Why did you start Acoustix?
" I had skills, I knew the industry, the market, the products, the technologies, and I received a lot of encouragement and support from my wife, friends, and a whole bunch of people. The decision to become self-employed itself was a new challenge. The name and spelling of Acoustix derives from my fondness of the early Asterix comics. "

You have developed quite a unique business in your field. What excites you about audiometry?
" Apart from a diversity of hearing technologies and services, it is helping the individual and the difference it makes, because all ears are not created equal. "

Come and Hear Here with Thomas
Address: 347 Remuera Road, Remuera (opposite BNZ, down laneway). 
Phone: 09 520 5648