Hearing Aids Make a Difference

Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves, find it hard to focus on conversations or notice your partner is complaining that you never listen? These all can be signs of hearing loss, notes Swiss Audiometrist, Thomas Müller of Acoustix Hearing Technologies in Remuera.

Thankfully, it is possible to improve your hearing; become more engaged and social; and improve your relationships.  It could be as simple as a visit to Acoustix in Remuera.

Hearing aids can make a huge difference, but Thomas notes that sadly people are reluctant to get them, thinking that their hearing is still ok or they're not 'old enough' or not ‘bad enough’ for hearing aids. However, not treating the condition, could be making your situation a lot worse.

As Thomas explains, the auditory processing centre in your brain is the real hearing organ as it interprets the information you hear through your ears. Because of this, the longer hearing loss is untreated, the more the brain “forgets” how to hear. "It takes longer for a person to get accustomed to hearing sound again," he says. 

So, what should people expect from their hearing aids? They should expect to be able to optimise the possibilities achievable from the best products and what hearing they still have. Thomas says people also often want smaller more discrete products. There's stronger demand for rechargeable hearing aids which last for the day and charge overnight, instead of having to change batteries mid-conversation.

Besides the latest hearing aid technologies, Acoustix also offers custom hearing protection for going to concerts, working on industrial sites or other noisy environments - a great way of minimising the risk of noise-induced hearing loss!

Whether you're a musician, someone experiencing hearing difficulties, or you simply want to protect or improve your hearing, Acoustix Hearing Technologies is the place to go. Open Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5pm, Acoustix is at 347 Remuera Road, Remuera (opposite BNZ, down laneway). Phone 520 5648.


Published in the East & Bays Courier 06 Mar 2019