Hearing expertise for the Experts


What do doctors, practice nurses, professional musicians, broadcasters and other experts all have in common?

Each knows the importance of hearing and the requisite technology, leading them to seek advice and solutions from the hearing solutions expert, Thomas Müller at Acoustix Hearing Technologies in Remuera.

Giving advice the experts trust for almost two decades, Thomas has helped everyone from GPs to TVNZ news reporters with their tools of the trade; providing high-quality solutions for everyday problems with the latest technologies.

For doctors or nurses, the Cardionics amplified electronic stethoscope is revolutionary, allowing them diagnose without hearing challenges; while custom In-ear-monitors by Ultimate Ears are used by reporters Jack Tame and Hayley Holt to Six60, L.A.B., Devilskin, Broods and many more.

As well as consumer hearing products, Acoustix also supplies and installs Audiometric Test Booths such as the S-Premium or S40, required for running hearing tests in a soundproof environment.

Having worked with everyone from those who've lost significant hearing to those who want to preserve it, Thomas gives a timely reminder that it's best to protect your ears rather than suffer the consequences from exposure to loud sound.

Unprotected for 20 minutes or more, any sound over 85 decibels (including most nightclubs and music gigs) can cause damage to your hearing, and can lead to muffled hearing and ringing in your ears.

Proper protection might be something as simple as the generic fit ER-20 hearing protectors or custom-moulded hearing protection, or more sophisticated personalised in-ear devices. Either way, it’s a sound investment in your hearing health.

For those who are exposed to it often, such as professional musicians or music-lovers, Thomas urges them to not lose the music.

Whether you need a hearing test, help in finding the right hearing aid, or just hearing protection for a big night out, see Acoustix at 347 Remuera Road, down the laneway opposite the BNZ Remuera, for hearing advice and solutions that the experts trust.