I love the clarity and sound stage they produce …

I have used my new UE-11’s for the last couple of days with my iPod and on stage and I love the clarity and sound stage they produce. They fit great in my ears.

I do feel that they don’t have the same isolation as my TF10’s which gives the illusion of my TF10’s having more bass. This must due to the silicon cushion working as an ear plug.
On the other hand the UE-11’s are far superior in sound detail and clarity, the bass is accurate but not overwhelming.

I have also used them with the Aviom while playing bass. After a few changes to the tone and mix, the Bass guitar comes though clear all the way though the register and the rest of the band sound good and in there place.

Overall i am very happy with my UE11’s.
I have enjoyed your service throughout the process.

Rob Comez