It’s a new year for your hearing health


Thomas Muller at Acoustix Hearing Technologies in Remuera, has some observations about new year that are worth hearing. 

"We often make resolutions about our general health and wellbeing – yet we are strangely reluctant to include hearing health among them. Hearing difficulties can put people on the defensive. Yet a hearing test is no different from having a regular medical or dental checkup. It provides you with what you need to know about an important aspect of your overall health.

If people take active steps to improve their ability to hear, to interact in social situations, it has a positive impact on their life in general. People often underestimate the impact their hearing loss is having on their health. It’s an avoidable stress in the life.

Dealing with hearing difficulties benefits others too. It says to your loved ones, being able to hear you, understand and respond to you, being there for you…it is important to me.

Hearing health benefits massively from recent technology innovations, and today Acoustix Hearing can offer you a versatile range of technologies to help you – often transforming lives.

What is important is that it’s the right technology and product for you. Every person and their hearing is unique.

You should expect a good solution will easily last five years, which makes the true cost of the solution so much less when you spread it over its lifetime. And with your hearing it’s an investment in a better quality of life. It really is a modest outlay when you consider the potential to change your life."

Because hearing difficulties are unique, it is important to take a comprehensive test which is simple and non-invasive and informative. “Free” hearing tests often aren’t comprehensive enough to fully diagnose the issue.

If help with your hearing is due, it’s a new year, a new beginning. Now is the time to do something about it.