Matt Stone – Black River Drive

Hi Thomas, as expected they (UE-4) sound amazing! Only thing I would do differently next time is I would probably go for the “ambient” version. I think I read on the UE website that you could get earphones that let through some ambience but otherwise are exactly the same? I’ve just found that things tend to sound quite dry and isolated with no ambience. Of course when we do bigger gigs and have better monitoring equipment I’m sure that will not be as noticeable (once they add reverb etc and possibly a stereo mix).

There is also one little part of the mould on my right ear that is a little painful. It’s right on the top of the mould and right in my outer ear lobe. It’s just a little bump which obviously is just supposed to make them fit better – I noticed my left mould doesn’t have this bump. Maybe I could pop in sometime and you could give me your view? I could probably just file down the little bump seeing as it’s external and shouldn’t affect the sound at all but I would like to get your expert opinion first!

Let me know if this is possible to pop in sometime to discuss.

Like I said above, I would also recommend the ambient version for most semi-pro musicians, with maybe only the professionals wanting the full isolation. Of course the full isolation sounds better for pre-recorded music sources so it’s a toss up.


Look forward to hearing your thoughts re: ambience & my right ear fit

Matt Stone

NB: The little bit of discomfort on Matt’s right In-ear-monitor was successfully improved by Thomas.