New Generation Technology from Acoustix


Hearing health is one part of life that benefits massively from technology innovations. At Acoustix Hearing in Remuera, the Swiss-Kiwi Audiometrist Thomas Müller can introduce you to a range of innovative technologies that deliver better hearing opportunities and offer more lifestyle options than only recently believed possible.

Among them, Acoustix Hearing can show you how the latest Bluetooth connectivity and apps connect your iPhone to your hearing aids for streaming phone calls, music, podcasts, audio books and the like; control volume, frequency and directionality; and adjust sound levels, equalizing highs and lows to moderate background noise.

When you’re at your favourite cafe you can establish a sound mix that enables you to hear important conversation better, then create a default setting that activates automatically next time you visit that same cafe. You can also use the app to provide an audible beep to alert you to text messages – and even use your phone’s GPS to track down your hearing aid if it’s mislaid. 

Thomas points out that the app-technology works best with iPhone 5 or later, although some Android phones are also compatible.

“The key thing is that smartphones are now used by all ages. I find that the older generation are up with the play and quickly grasp the technology. It’s very user-friendly.”

Today’s technologies make it possible, via a secure internet platform to remotely make adjustments to compatible hearing aids. These adjustments are downloaded to the mobile phone and then streamed for uploading to the hearing aids.  

Thomas has a somewhat unique view on hearing loss and how he works with his customers.  

“Having a hearing deficiency is like having failing vision,” he says. “You’re not ill, you are just looking for solutions to make life easier, and communicating, socializing, and interacting with people more enjoyable. New technologies allow existing hearing aid wearers to do just that and they also support others to make that first step towards improving hearing.”

For a hearing health consultation, or to ‘test drive’ the new hearing technologies, phone 09 520 5648. Acoustix is located at 347 Remuera Road, Remuera; down the drive opposite BNZ with good parking available outside the clinic.