Preserve your hearing aids from corrosion!

Days are now getting colder, damp, humid or wet! Rain comes unexpectedly and sometimes the sun is up. Mother nature and global warming does its best!

if you wear hearing aids, have you ever wondered about how this may affect them? Has it happened that you have forgotten to remove your hearing aids from your ears when taking a shower or going for a swim, and they have become wet? 

Caring for your hearing aids is important because humidity, body sweat from the head and ears, moisture and excessive heat can lead to corrosion inside your hearing aid. This will affect the performance and likely result in the amplification sounding crackling, muffled or distorted and in some case the hearing aids simply stop working.

Here are some suggestions on ensuring your hearing aids are taken care of: 

  • Wipe down the hearing aid body with a soft micro fibre cloth or a designated cleaning wipe for removal of sweat, grease and other bodily substances.
  • Replace the hearing aid dome from time to time. We have found that on average every 3 months the dome may become super soft and spongy. Ear wax can block the dome's sound outlet too so it is best to replace it.
  • Where applicable, check the hearing aid's wax guard frequently and replace it if it appears clogged. This is most noticeable when the hearing aid sounds dull, soft, or if it has stopped working altogether. 
  • Getting a drying beaker and drying capsules for absorbing moisture or an electronic hearing aid conditioner with UV light for sanitising the hearing aid, especially the components worn inside the ear canal.

Applying some if not all of the above will not only increases the lifespan of the hearing aid but also help with managing cost for maintenance and repairs.