Sort out your sound at Acoustix


Whether you're in a local band or a big act, anyone who's ever performed onstage will know the frustration of having bad sound.

Ultimate Ears (UE), custom in-ear monitors, is a set of tools every musician should have. And even if you’re just someone who loves to listen to superior personal audio, UE has a solution for you.

Custom-fitted for your ears and your on-stage needs, these personalised hearing devices give you comfortable, noise-cancelling foldback in your ears in a way no other headphone or ear-buds can.

Plugging into a wireless in-ear monitor system gives you freedom of movement around the stage, with the security of knowing you'll get perfect sound wherever you are. The Ultimate Ears Sound Guard accessory protects the wearer from accidental audio spikes, guitar feedback or microphone drops.

Reducing ambient sound by 26 decibels, Ultimate Ears can also double as noise-isolating earphones with the purchase of a rechargeable Bluetooth headset accessory, allowing you to go from the office or gym straight to your gig.

Built to last, each unit comes with a 12-month world-wide warranty and can be serviced by the experts at Acoustix. They range from the entry-level 2 speakers UE5-Pro to the high-end 8 speakers UE-LIVE.

Thomas’s autograph book is filled with the names of artists he has helped since Midnight Youth in 2009 to working with current-day acts including Bailey Wiley, Devilskin, Drax Project, Katchafire, Jimmy Barnes and Robinson.  Touring artists frequently drop in on Thomas to have him tweak their UE’s as he has a global reputation for excellence.

Happy to demonstrate the technology, Thomas invites anyone who's serious about music to try Ultimate Ears for themselves at the Acoustix dedicated listening station.

"We're the only place in New Zealand where you can listen to UE in-ears without having to buy them upfront first" he says.

"The whole idea behind the process is to give people the right set of tools for the job."

Used by musicians across New Zealand from big acts to church groups, Ultimate Ears are the ultimate solution for everyone from drummers to vocalists, guitarists, audio engineers, DJs and more.

To experience Ultimate Ears for yourself, see Acoustix at 347 Remuera Road (opposite BNZ Bank, down laneway) Remuera, Auckland. Open Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5pm. Call 09 520 5648.