The best just got better - Introducing the Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro!

We are excited about the new release of the Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro and look forward to working with musicians and music lovers alike.

The original UE18 has been around for many years and while setting a benchmark out there in the market place still, we are pleased to hear that the UE18 has been redesigned from the ground up. 

While holding true to the sonic characteristics of the original UE18-Pro, the sound signature of the UE18+ Pro is improved by extending the high frequencies by 3kHz, now up to 22kHz.
Ultimate Ears Pro have added their proprietary True Tone drivers, a new precision crafted sound engine, and also re-tuned the crossover networks. And of course, the UE 18+ Pro takes full advantage of the all-digital modeling and printing process.

Does this sound exciting? - We think so!!

And if you would like to experience the 3D scanning of your ears be sure to get in touch with us.