They are what I have been searching for …

Here at Acoustix Hearing Technologies we love receiving feedback from happy clients:

Hi Thomas,
I thought I’d give you some feedback on the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors.
Over the last God knows how many years I have been trying to find what for me is a perfect set of item’s. I’ve had all the top tier models, UE triple-fi 10, Westone 3 and 4, Shure SE535, Monster Miles Davis Tribute and Coppers amongst others, but there was always something lacking for me.
But these, they are truly amazing, they are what I have been searching for. The fit is perfect, and the sound, well it’s sensational it’s like having a whole new music collection! The details are incredible with the added bonus of them being very musical too, and contrary to what I have read I don’t find them cold, and they definitely do not lack anything in bass.
I really couldn’t be happier with them,
Thanks again