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  • Ultimate Ears Pro promotion dates are: 17/11/2023 - 30/11/2023.
  • Ultimate Ears 25% OFF offer is limited to UE11-Pro, UE18+Pro, UE-LIVE only.
  • Ultimate Ears 15% OFF offer is limited to UE7-Pro, UE RR only.
  • Acoustix promotion dates are: 17/11/2023 - 30/11/2023.
  • Acoustix exclusive 15% OFF offer is limited to UE5-Pro, UE6+Pro only.
  • Cannot be transferred or combined with any other offer.
  • All orders and physical ear impressions must be received by Acoustix on or before 30/11 /2023.
  • Acoustix does physical ear impressions in-house if required.

    For pricing click on the above featured custom in-ear monitor model, and for information on the Ultimate Ears custom in-ear monitors visit our webpage.

Safeguarding your hearing - benefits of custom in-ear monitors

Your most important job as a musician is to perform your best—to really bring down the house, to give it your all, and leave everything you’ve got right there on the stage after the encore. While there’s a lot to be said for feeling the music, overly loud stage environments can keep you from delivering a great show, not to mention the risk of gradual decline and loss to your hearing. 

Respect for your hearing and preservation of it should be a major concern for any musician. If you have experienced tinnitus (ringing in the ears after a concert) or a temporary decline or shift in your hearing, then there may already be some level of damage to the inner part of your ear.

Lower stage volumes mean better concerts for everyone, including the FOH engineer and the audience. Lower stage volumes will also benefit your hearing. And that's only some of the benefits custom in-ear monitors will provide. 

If you or your musician and artist friends have been eyeing a pair of Ultimate Ears custom in-ear monitors for some time, or wish to upgrade from your existing universal fit or custom in-ear monitors, and taking your performance to the next level, now is the time to act and take advantage of these great prices. 

Hearing yourself on stage at a safe listening level should not be considered a luxury for your ears and hearing but a basic necessity, whether playing in small pub setting like the Ponsonby Social Club or on a large live stage like Western Springs or Mt Eden stadium.

We have demo models available for you to 'hear before you buy', which not only give a good impression what to expect from Ultimate Ears' sound signature but also highlight the differences between each custom in-ear monitor model. 

Physical ear impressions for manufacturing, and ear wax removal, if required, are done in-house and will incur additional costs.

If you are planning to supply your own physical ear impressions, please note that some physical ear impression providers do not supply the level of detail required for manufacturing custom in-ear monitors. Please ask us for guidance on this if you are to supply your own ear impressions. 

We hope that you or your musician and artist friends are as excited about this promotional offer as we are and we look forward to being of help. 

Please contact us directly for redemption, discounts, impressions and queries. 

Let's celebrate the music!