Ultimate Ears Pro custom In-ear Monitors takes listening to music, or anything else, on or off the stage, anywhere, to a whole new level.
Acoustix is New Zealand’s exclusive, authorized supplier for Ultimate Ears Pro. 
Thomas Müller  is your expert when it comes to their custom In-ear Monitors. So when you talk with him, you know you are talking with the best.

We highly recommend that you listen to our Ultimate Ears demo In-ear Monitors to hear and understand the difference between their sound signatures, and which one it is that works best for you.

All Ultimate Ears custom In-ear Monitors require a set of physical ear impressions or a 3D ear scan taken for the purpose of manufacturing.

Get in touch today and see how Acoustix, you and Ultimate Ears can change your game for the better. Don’t lose the music.

Universal In-Ear-Monitors

We are currently evaluating options, please check in from time to time for updates.

Custom In-Ear-Monitors for drummers

There is hardly a band without a drummer, considered to be the main part of any band, and certainly deserves the best In-ear Monitors to maintain his/her focus on playing Ultimate Ears UE5-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE6+Pro
Ultimate Ears UE11-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE-LIVE

Custom In-ear Monitors for singer & vocalist

If you are a singer singing with a live band, there is a lot of noise onstage with you, especially from the drummer. It can be very hard to hear yourself which can make you sing louder and even shout. Your voice can get tired and you might feel like you’re straining. If you use In-ears, you can have the sound engineer put only your voice and, let’s say, the keyboard in your ears. You won’t hear the drummer at all! You can choose how much or little of each instrument you hear. Ultimate Ears UE5-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE7-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE18+Pro

Custom In-ear Monitors for keys

Ultimate Ears UE7-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE18+Pro

For Musicians with single-sided deafness 

Ultimate Ears UE1-Pro
The use of a custom musician earplug in the poorer hearing ear is still recommended to protect residual hearing, if any, from further damage from loud stage sound.

In-ear Monitor accessories

To further enhance the sound you experience on stage, we have these accessories available Fischer Amps In-ear Stick
Ultimate Ears Sound Tap
Ultimate Ears Sound Guard
Ultimate Ears Line Drive
Ultimate Ears In-ear Monitor Cables
Other Accessories
and complete solutions for monitoring and delivering the ultimate sound to your ears. 




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