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Phonak BTE & RIC Charger

(Includes 15% GST.)

A compact sized charger compatible with rechargeable Phonak hearing aids

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Phonak BTE & RIC charger is a compact sized charger powered by Lithium-ion technology which is compatible with rechargeable Phonak hearing aids*.

Inside the charger are the two slots for each hearing aid, coloured blue for left and red for right. It features a holding space for large earmolds, an indicator light and a USB-C charging inlet that is powered by a USB-C Cable which is supplied when you order this product.

Easy to use and compact in size the clip-lock shutting mechanism seals the lid making your hearing aids safe and secure. It's sleek design makes the charger travel sized and easy to use on the go! 

The battery cannot be over-charged. It may become warm during charging.

* This charger is suitable for the rechargeable models from the Audéo Paradise, Audéo Marvel, Bolero Marvel, Sky Marvel range of BTE and RIC styled Phonak hearing aids.

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