Phonak Charge-and-Care Hearing Aid Charger & Conditioner

Phonak Charge-and-Care Hearing Aid Charger & Conditioner

The Phonak Charge-and-Care is a charging and cleansing device for compatible rechargeable Phonak Audéo Paradise and Audéo Marvel hearing aids. It recharges the hearing aid's Li-ion batteries and simultaneously dries out moisture or perspiration from the surface of the hearing aids with active ventilated air flow for sanitizing and hygienic cleansing.

The clip locking system on the charger case makes the hearing aids very secure inside the case and protects against physical damage.

Inside the charger are the two slots for each hearing aid, coloured blue for left and red for right. After placing the hearing aids in the Charge-and-Care, close the cover and press the button on the Charge-and-Care to start the drying process while the hearing aids are being simultaneously charged up.

The indicator light on the push button will be solid orange as long as the cleaning and drying process is ongoing. As soon as the process is finished, the indicator light will turn green until the cover is opened. The cleaning and drying process will be stopped as soon as the cover is opened.

The hearing aids will be cleaned and dried in approximately 2 hours and fully charged in 3 hours. The charging process will automatically stop when the batteries are fully charged, which means there is no risk of overcharging the hearing aids, and they can be safely left in the charger. 


NZD $259.00 inc.
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