Earplugs are the simplest way to protect your hearing from the demands of the music environment. The UE range of standard earplugs is designed to offer quick and effective hearing protection for every budget.
The custom range delivers protection specifically designed for your personal hearing state and needs. Thomas is an expert for hearing protection and can advise and produce these at a price that suits your budget.

Custom Music Industry Earplugs Acoustix carries a range of standard and customised earplugs, which are designed specifically for the music industry. Thomas is your authorised UE expert for custom In-Ear-Monitors for stage, studio and personal hearing protection. You should be aware of the potential dangers and we encourage you to take positive action to protect your hearing and prevent unnecessary hearing damage from playing, engineering or simply listening to your favourite bands and DJs.
Please browse the UE hearing protection products in our online store or call us today.