The purity of Ultimate Ears' audio is not reserved for professional sound aficionados exclusively.

Now you can enjoy the Ultimate Ears sound at home or even when you are out and about. Ultimate Ears Custom-fitted In-Ear-Monitors can be handcrafted and calibrated for your personal hearing enjoyment and can connect to most portable audio and mobile devices. 
We highly recommend that you listen to our Ultimate Ears demo In-ear Monitors to hear and understand the difference between their sound signatures, and which one it is that works best for you.

All Ultimate Ears custom In-ear Monitors require a set of physical ear impressions or a 3D ear scan taken for the purpose of manufacturing.

Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and see how Acoustix, you and Ultimate Ears can change your game for the better.

Universal fit In-Ear-Monitors

Acoustix offers universal fit In-Ear-Monitors for audiophiles and musicians. They are the perfect choice if you want UE custom sound in a universal fit package. We are currently evaluating options, please check in from time to time for updates.

Custom In-Ear-Monitors

Thomas enjoys the company of people who are enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Here are some suggestions Ultimate Ears UE5-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE7-Pro
Ultimate Ears UE11-Pro
Reference Monitor Remastered
Ultimate Ears UE18+Pro






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