JH Audio In-Ear Monitors

JH Audio in-ear monitors are gorgeous, expertly crafted (not mass produced) and known for their audio quality and cutting-edge technology. Jerry Harvey and team have carefully created a varied range of in-ear monitor offerings that are bound to excite not just the rock and roll enthusiast in you but also caters to tastes for the classics, the jazz, the soothing vinyl records toting! JH Audio custom and universal fit IEMs are built in Orlando, Florida, USA. Each set is assembled by hand using their proprietary drivers, crossover components and custom finishes including carbon fiber to create the most beautiful sounding earpieces.

Acoustix is New Zealand’s authorized dealer for JH Audio in-ear monitors. We highly recommend that you listen to our JH Audio demo in-ear monitors to understand the difference between their sound signature to figure out what works best for you.

Please note that Jerry Harvey Audio custom in-ear monitors requires a set of physical ear impressions taken for the purpose of manufacturing.

Which JH Audio IEMs are right for me?

It depends on what you'd like to use them for, and your budget. To make your decision easier, we've provided some starting points below grouped by category and price range.

Universal In-ear Monitors
Universal in-ear monitors provide a generic fit and are made to fit most ears. Along with the in-ear monitor you'll receive different tips in generic sizes, choosing the one that fits your ear the most. 
Universal IEMs are great if you're looking for a more affordable option however they will never compare comfort and fit wise to custom IEMs.
Having now entered the universal fit market, JH Audio universal in-ear monitors will be with us soon, so please check back for updates soon or contact us if you are after a set of these and we can give you a time frame as to when they will be available.
Entry Level Custom In-ear MonitorsJH|11 is a touring staple, featuring dual low drivers, a punchy bass and precision tuning to take distortion out of the equation. Like all JH Audio custom in-ear monitors, the JH11 offers -26dB of noise isolation, eliminating stage volume and ambient noise – critical for performing musicians and audiophiles alike.JH|7 is a heritage in-ear monitor. Its classic design is a longtime touring standard with incredible dynamic range and a neutral sound signature. With a 3-driver configuration, it provides a warm bass response while maintaining exceptional detail and presence in the mids and highs.
Our experts can help you find the best entry level custom in-ear monitors - to visit our store simply make an appointment online with us today.
Mid Range Custom In-ear MonitorsThe JH13 and the JH16 custom IEMs blew away the artist and audiophile markets, and soon, Jerry Harvey became unstoppable. Both IEMs are a fantastic option for those looking for mid range custom in-ear monitors.
JH|13V2 delivers the most natural sound ever created and with the release of the second iteration, JH Audio took back full control of the industry’s first user controlled bass adjustment because Norah Jones and Megadeth should never sound the same!
JH|16V2, now with major upgrades, provides off the charts performance you must hear to believe. Placed amongst the most coveted in-ear monitors used by the biggest touring artists in the world is the JH16v2.
Best Custom In-ear Monitors
JH Audio Roxanne™ - with the development of the Siren Series, JH Audio Roxanne™ is one of the best sellers of the entire range. Tuned for rock and roll, the first 12 driver IEM with its unheard-of dynamic range, phase accuracy and independent adjustable bass turned the industry on its ears once again.
Contour XO in-ear monitors bring the concert with you - combining the efforts of two pro audio industry award-winning innovators: JH Audio and L-Acoustics.
JH Audio Layla, their flagship custom In-ear model is the second in the Siren Series and is worthy of being named after one of the most famous love songs in rock history, Layla, recorded by Eric Clapton with his band Derek and the Dominos, and released in 1970.
The Jerry Harvey StoryThe Jerry Harvey story begins in 1994 on a Van Halen tour bus. Jerry Harvey, raised on a midwestern vibe, grew up with a passion for music and a flare for audio which saw him rise through the years - from running sound in local venues to touring with some of the biggest names in music to founding his own company Ultimate Ears.
Dedicated to designing and manufacturing in-ear monitors for touring musicians, crew and audiophiles – to finally breaking ground on Jerry Harvey Audio in 2007, JH Audio custom in-ear monitors have gained a reputation for cutting edge design and exceptional audio quality, and have quickly become the industry standard through focusing on innovation.
As an avid private pilot since 2003, Jerry Harvey set his sights on the skies - and is where he conceptualized the beginning of Jerry Harvey Audio custom in-ear monitors. It speaks to the creative niche of adapting the well-recognized “Flying girl” JH Audio branding and logo as an embodiment of the quality and craftsmanship that JH Audio custom in-ear monitors possess.
The design and artwork on JH Audio custom IEMs are playful and exciting. Drawing inspiration from the world’s foremost watchmakers, tattoo artists, knife craftsmen and others, Jerry has pushed to make his IEMs “look as cool as they sound.” JH-Audio offers in-ear monitors handcrafted from exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber and polished Stainless Steel, with more to come!

If you're wondering who uses JH Audio custom in-ear monitors, a better question would actually be who doesn't !
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