GN ReSound Phone Clip+

GN ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ is a small, lightweight, wireless clip-on device that sends sound from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone directly to your wireless GN ReSound hearing aids, and the microphone on the Phone Clip+ sends sound back to the mobile phone. A robust swivel clip makes it possible to always securely attach the Phone Clip+ to clothes with optimal speech pickup.

You can perform basic phone operation like answering and ending calls or adjusting volume with a click of a button.

Physical features of the GN ReSound Phone Clip+ include:

  • An on/off switch.
  • Call pick-up/hang-up button.
  • Hearing aid program toggle.
  • Hearing aid microphone mute button.
  • Volume control buttons.
  • Pairing buttons for both hearing aid and Bluetooth.
  • MicroUSB input for charging.
  • Microphone inlet and mounting clip.
  • An LED light indicator at the top of the device serves as a multipurpose user interface, telling you the relevant status of the Phone Clip+.

Easily recharge the Phone Clip+ from the computer USB or wall outlet using the included cable. To charge a flat battery typically takes around 3 hours and it is safe to leave the charger connected overnight.

The Phone Clip+ can give you 6 hours of talk time, 80 hours of standby time.


NZD $604.00 inc.
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