Widex RC-DEX Remote Control

Widex RC-DEX Remote Control

Widex RC-DEX is a stylish, compact and user-friendly remote control making it easier for controlling the volume or changing the listening program on compatible Widex hearing aids where the motoring skills of a person's hand are showing limitations. The RC-DEX is small enough to fit on to a key chain and in to your pocket or hand bag.

Powered by a replaceable lithium coin battery, the built-in LED indicator shows when the RC-DEX remote control is switched on.

Based on the activated listening programs and features in Widex hearing aids, Widex's Smartspeak, which consists of a male or a female voice, or a tone alert will let you know when you shift in to a different listening program or when you adjust the volume level on your hearing aids.

Widex RC-DEX remote control is compatible with Widex MOMENT, MAGNIFY, EVOKE, BEYOND, UNIQUE, DREAM and CLEAR hearing aids.

Widex RC-DEX features:

  • Program toggle
  • Volume up/down
  • Key ring attachment
  • CR2032 Lithium coin battery
  • Approximately 12 months of battery life

PLEASE NOTE: The Widex RC-DEX requires pairing to your Widex hearing aids for controlling volume and changing the listening program. This is achieved by switching on the RC-DEX, then hold it close to your chin and then simultaneously press the + and - button for several seconds until a "dong" tone becomes audible through your hearing aids which confirms the remote control is paired to your hearing aids.  

NZD $155.00 inc.
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