Widex TV-DEX

Widex TV-DEX

Widex TV-DEX is a user-friendly palm-sized wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying distortion-free wireless transmission of TV-sound directly to your Widex hearing aids. When fully charged it allows up to 10 hours of uninterrupted stereo TV or hi-fi sound quality between charges.

Widex TV-DEX is compatible with Widex MOMENT, MAGNIFY, EVOKE, BEYOND, UNIQUE, DREAM and CLEAR hearing aids.

Widex TV-DEX Features:

  • High quality audio
  • Ultra-low delay "Echo-Free"
  • Inputs for both, television and hifi systems
  • Room Off feature
  • 10 hours non-stop capacity
  • Rechargeable using the TV-DEX Base

PLEASE NOTE: The Widex TV-DEX requires pairing to your Widex hearing aids for controlling the volume of the TV and the room-off function through your hearing aids. This is achieved by switching on the TV-DEX hand held controller, then hold it close to your chin, and then simultaneously press the + and - button for several seconds until a "dong" tone becomes audible through your hearing aids which confirms the TV-DEX is paired to your hearing aids and it is ready for use.


NZD $431.00 inc.
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